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Positive signs after first race of the year

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Positive signs after first race of the year

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad was the first race of the season. During the 124 kilometres between Ghent and Ninove NXTG came across infamous cobbles like Paddestraat and climbs Muur van Geraardsbergen. Catalina, Shari and Amelia finished in the peloton. Ilse, Charlotte and Julia were taken out of the race. For Ilse that was a bitter pill because she had a flat tyre at a crucial moment.

Sports director Kelvin Dekker.

Overall I am happy with today. The girls managed to find each other well in the bunch but the next step to get a good position before the climbs and cobbles proved to be more difficult. We had some bad luck like the flat tyre Ilse had and some had a bad day. We all learned something and the first signs are good for the next races. 

On the Molenberg the decisive move was made and that’s where NXTG missed the cut. Catalina raced her second Omloop and looks back.

It was a great day. The race today was completely different to last year’s race. It was way faster! I’m happy the whole team came back with all their body parts. We stayed together in the first 50km and we aimed to regroup after each sector but is harder to do than to say. Positioning before the climbs can always improve. It was the first race with disc brakes and a radio and it’s definitely a game changer. I have to give kudos to all the staff today as everything worked great. This race is definitely an amazing race to start the season. I came back home feeling happy.”

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