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Maud Rijnbeek 25th at Trophée des Grimpeuses

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Maud Rijnbeek 25th at Trophée des Grimpeuses

The Trophée des Grimpeuses or climber's trophy in the Belgian Ardennes is always a hard race. Many altitude metres and a strong field of teams and riders made for a mixed day for NXTG racing. Only Shari Bossuyt (46th) and stagiaire Maud Rijnbeek finished the race. Maud did so in 25th place, a great result for our 17th year old rookie.

The race was full gas from the start. There were many attacks from the gun but we were well-positioned with our team all the time. I also managed to follow the pace and keep my spot at the front of the bunch. That was my goal for the rest of the race: stay in the front on the flat and stay with the first group on the many climbs. I noticed the legs were good but I also suffered a lot today. I was dropped once and managed to catch back on until the local laps. 

On that next climb the race exploded. I found a group and we rode full gas until the finish where I managed to finish in 25th place. I had a really cool day and it was great being part of the NXTG team already. 

Sports director Kelvin Dekker was also impressed with Maud. 

This was a hard race where attacks were flying all the time. Maud had a super good race. She did surprise me and then she didn't. I know what she can do but this was to the extreme of my expectations. Shari had a good dress rehearsal for Tuesday's national championships.

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