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Skoda V-Women's Tour

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Skoda V-Women's Tour

With new race days slowly appearing on the horizon, our team now focuses on a digital race. Mid-June is always the time for one of the most popular races on the calendar: The Women's Tour. This year The Women's Tour, powered by Skoda like NXTG Racing, goes digital. On Wednesday 17 June, Thursday 18 June and Friday 19 June you can follow Rozemarijn, Cathalijne and Britt in the virtual world via livestreaming video on the Skoda We Love Cycling YouTube channel from 8pm/20h CET. 

Kelvin Dekker looks forward to this new way of racing. 

All of our riders have worked hard in the past months without something to really work towards.  This new event, the Skoda V-Women's Tour is something to look forward to and train towards. For both our riders and our sponsors it's a nice opportunity to show themselves. We will even race the last stage on our Tacx trainers together at the Tilburg-Bastianen Skoda dealership on Friday! 

On one hand we have to wait and see where our riders stand compared to the competition. We also have to see how they cope with digital racing which is something relatively new still. All in all it's great to have that race vibe again after all these months.  No matter the result of the Skoda V-Women's Tour, that is a small victory in itself. 

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