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The NeXT Generation concept

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The NeXT Generation concept

Supporting women's cycling from the basics is our goal. A good foundation will ensure a broader top in global women's cycling in the future.

Supporting from the basics and to jump into the gaping gap, between the top of the world and riders who have just left the junior category.

Our mission is to not lose cycling talent and to be an inspiration for other U23 projects. We support the stars of the future with the best material, trainers and staff to get the best out of every talent. "#UnlockYourPotential" is therefore the hashtag that we carry: getting the full potential out of every rider to break through their own glass ceiling. In addition to sporting support, we facilitate our riders to pursue a dual career.

Support to combine top sport and study in the best possible way so that a talent develops further in various areas.

Our partners are all willing to invest in internships, study support and workplaces for "their" riders.

We are very grateful for that!

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