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CC Pavé 76

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CC Pavé 76

With Team NXTG Racing we are part of a project under the name of Stichting Pavé76. The Pavé76 foundation was established in early 2017. Initially, it organized the Bavelse Berg Classic, a 'classic' for cyclists between 8 and 14 years of age, but in the meantime the board is also committed to other cycling events and trying to realize new accommodations such as a permanent cycling location for road cyclists, cyclists, hand bikers and roller-skaters. In 2018 the women's junior cycling project of the Pavé76 Foundation started under the team name APB development team. Pavé76 trains young, talented cyclists and supports them with experienced people in order to prepare themselves for the step to the highest level. In other words: "Work from the basics".

"Paving the roads for young Cyclists."

In order to offer our successful women's juniors a safety net afterwards, the U23 women's team, called Rogelli-Gyproc-APB, was established in early 2019. Due to a lack of a promising category in women's cycling, young talents are immediately thrown in front of the lions among the world class. Many potential toppers are thus lost due to the lack of thorough training, too few competition selections or opportunities. Within this team the riders can continue to mature and gain experience and from 2020 with the collaboration of Watersley Sports & Talentpark in Sittard ( Various athletes and riders have all the necessary facilities and support to be able to fully develop further.

The current U23 team Rogelli-Gyproc-APB will then function in 2020 under the Watersley R&D Cycling team. In addition, the Team NXTG Racing will follow!

We stand and work for a NeXT Generation and in 2020 we will be the only U23 team on a UCI license and so we have a three-stage training structure!

Where does the name "PAVÉ76" come from?

Pavé comes from the French word for "Cobblestones" which is an (in-) direct reference to the victory in Paris-Roubaix 2001 by the president Servais Knaven. 76 stands for (region) Breda where the entire administration has lost their heart.

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